Last year the mobile phone networks overcharged UK businesses and consumers approximately £7,600,000,000.

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If you do nothing else, ask these three questions to your network provider

  1. ‘How many dormant devices do we have?’


    Most businesses have dormant devices they’re not aware of (and that the networks won’t tell you about unless you ask). This alone means the average business is being overcharged by more than 10%.

  2. ‘How much does it cost us when we go over our monthly allowances for data or international calls?’


    Many businesses incur massive charges when they go over their monthly allowances, especially for data and international calls. Having the right bundles can prevent this and dramatically reduce costs.

  3. ‘What percentage of our bill is allocated to handsets?’


    There is no such thing as a free handset – the higher your monthly tariff, the larger the handset fund you should be offered. On average a good handset fund represents about 40% to 50% of your total contract costs.

Three Mathematicians

Billmonitor was launched in 2009 by three mathematicians in Oxford.

Using advanced maths to turn the complexity of bills and tariffs into simple, actionable intelligence, it allows users to make informed decisions and save money in a market where the networks do their best to keep things murky.

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