Keeping the networks honest

Three Mathematicians

Billmonitor was launched in 2009 by three mathematicians in Oxford.

Using advanced maths to turn the complexity of bills and tariffs into simple, actionable intelligence, it allows users to make informed decisions and save money in a market where the networks do their best to keep things murky.

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Billmonitor for consumers

Launched in 2009, our consumer service has been accredited by Ofcom, endorsed by MoneySavingExpert, and featured on the BBC’s “The One Show”, ITV’s “Good morning Britain”, BBC News and Channel 5’s “The Gadget Show”. In 2018, we were finalists for the Digital Innovators Awards. Over 1.5 million people have used our consumer service to date.

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Billmonitor for business

In 2014 we turned our sights to the business market, applying the same technology and expertise to help UK businesses. Recommended by MoneySuperMarket, we’ve worked with all types of organisations, from large corporations and SMEs, to charities and the public sector (finding 49% savings on average).

Our business model
– you have nothing to lose

Generally, you shouldn’t trust people who make this claim, but in our case it’s true. We’ve structured our business model so that, unless we find savings for you, you pay us absolutely nothing. This makes us very different from the rest of the industry (see diagrams beneath for more info).


We believe in transparency, impartiality, and standing up against dishonesty. Yes, we want to make money, but not when it’s at odds with doing what’s best for you. Keeping the networks honest is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

How is Billmonitor different?

Industry model

Conflict of interests

Usually mobile phone agent and network reps are paid commissions based on the size of your mobile phone bills – the bigger your bill, the higher their commission.

Chart showing conflict of interests

Billmonitor model

Alignment of interests

Our business model works in the exact opposite way, so we are truly incentivised to maximise your savings. This ensures that we never stop working to keep the networks honest on your behalf.

Chart showing alignment of interests

Give it a try

Simply sync your online phone account with Billmonitor – it’s easy and only takes a few seconds.

Our evidence-based engine will then crunch your bill and discover the best plan for your business (49% savings average).

Once that’s completed we’ll email to arrange a free, no obligation consultation to talk you through the findings.

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