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The 2019 CBI Annual Conference: Accepting the eco-biz challenge


Billmonitor’s take home message from the CBI Annual Conference held earlier this week was one of ethical business sustainability. 

Besides the plentiful political discussions, which sparked a media frenzy on the day (no surprises there), the conference was filled with topical presentations and workshops around diversity, mental health, tech-ethics and sustainability, all of which helped move the discussion from what businesses ‘can achieve in the world’ to what we ‘can do for the world’. 

This is a fantastic call-to-action that goes hand-in-hand with Billmonitor’s continued desire to help clients achieve faster and better in a way that is beneficial for both business AND society. 

CBI 2019 - Keynotes
A fantastic call to action: Making Profit with Purpose

Of the eco-business challenge, Billmonitor MD Klaus Henke says:

“I strongly believe that all businesses have a social responsibility and the idea of Making Profit with Purpose hits the nail on the head. This is one of the reasons why we strive to work with our Billmonitor clients to help them reduce their mobile phone costs, saving money that can be better spent on staff training, R&D or other investments. And Billmonitor’s profit? We only get paid when the client saves money, making sure our profit is made with purpose, and that purpose is completely aligned with our client’s interests. It feels good to know that we have helped fantastic clients like Barts Cancer Institute and CSH Surrey, one of Surrey’s largest NHS providers, do exactly that!”
CBI conference 2019 - Conversation
Debate: Driving up productivity in the UK - A very interesting discussion on how to ensure that #technology drives positive #innovation, taking into account social and #ethical responsibilities. #CBI2019

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