A ‘Bitesize’ extension to Billmonitor’s fundraising campaign


Billmonitor MD Klaus Henke, along with Jake and Marcin from the software development team, headed down to London last night to present at the Seedrs Bitesize Pitches event in the final week of our fundraising campaign.


Before our presentation, an audience member gave us the thumbs up, stating that:

“You are great, you have saved me so much on my mobile costs.”

We all thought it was good start...

The team then showcased some extreme examples of the mobile network’s blatant obfuscation before inviting audience members to visit the dev team station for a free analysis of their mobile bills.

Speaking on the event, Henke said

“It was great to present to such an engaged audience and to be able to highlight the issue of fake transparency by the mobile networks and how Billmonitor can help address it. It would be fantastic to see some of the discussions with individual investors translate into a final surge for our fundraising.”

Following an excellent reception at the event, and a spike in interest in our Seedr’s campaign, we have decided to offer interested investors the opportunity to participate by delaying the closing of this funding round until 23.59 on Monday, 28th October.

To view our pitch campaign and invest, you can visit our Seedr’s profile here.

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The Billmonitor team