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Billmonitor dev team @ PyCon UK 2019


In September 2019, the Billmonitor development team attended PyCon UK 2019 at Cardiff City Hall. The event comprised five days of talks, workshops and collaboration and offered a great opportunity for the team to interact with the Python community. 

Of the event, Billmonitor software developer Jake Stockwin said:

“It is a very friendly community, and there were lots of opportunities for exchanging knowledge and ideas throughout the conference. Overall, we learnt a lot, and will likely have a deeper look at some of the tools during our experimentation days.”

The Billmonitor developers attended talks focussed around security, and how to ensure a website isn't leaking personal information to third parties, as well as a talk on how to introduce new developers to your codebase – ideal and timeous with Billmonitor’s growing development team.

According to software developer Paulo Amaral:

“Another session that the team found particularly useful for Billmonitor’s developing platform was static typing in Python, which is a way to make code more readable and check for errors.”

While software developer Marcin Kawa says:

“I enjoyed the talks on how to automate your code styling, which we are likely to start using soon. I also found the talk on a quick way to use Python to create a data dashboard useful and we will likely use this in the future.”


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