Billmonitor featured on BBC’s Rip Off Britain


The Billmonitor team hit national screens last week when they were featured on episode 16 of the current series of Rip Off Britain on BBC. 

In a segment focussed on the benefits of keeping track of your contract end date, the team highlighted the unaccounted-for additional expense that simply letting a contract rollover can incur. One of the more alarming figures quoted by the programme’s presenters was the fact that, every day, 11-million people are paying more than they should on contracts that have continued beyond their end date. 

One type of contract was singled out during the programme as being particularly expensive when it comes to contracts rolling over and that was, of course, the mobile phone contract.

Discussing the sometimes-under-handed behaviour of the mobile networks, Billmonitor Managing Director Klaus Henke said the following during an on-screen interview:

Three-quarters of consumers can save money and the savings are quite big – on average, £150 per year.

He went on to say:

We think the industry is suffering under a lack of transparency. Bills are complex, very long, and there’s no standard how data must be presented. So, each network has a different approach, which makes it very difficult for consumers to switch from one network to another.


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