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Billmonitor featured in the Observer


Billmonitor MD Klaus Henke featured in the Observer.

In the article, he discussed the high cost of data add-on packages and the resultant over-estimation of many when signing up for a deal. This, in turn, means that consumers are often paying for data they do not need.

Commenting on research from the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), which found that tariffs that were 130% more expensive than necessary were routinely recommended by staff selling mobile phones, Klaus said:

If you walk the high street, you will probably find two or three offers saying you can get 20GB for £25 or ‘We double your data’. If you have 3GB they give you an extra 3GB. And you might ask yourself, ‘Why give me that for free?’

The answer is so you can get used to the idea of having 6GB. The next time you are due for renewal, you buy a 6GB bundle, which will cost you more. But actually, you are not using the 3GB.

The article also discussed recently released research conducted by CAB, which revealed that around 4-million people have been over-charged an estimated £490-million for phones they already own.


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