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Billmonitor featured in the Times


It’s great to see Billmonitor featured in the mainstream press again. This time, our Managing Director Klaus Henke was quoted extensively in a weekend piece from The Times, discussing Three’s refusal to sign-up to Ofcom’s recent bill cutting initiatives


Ofcom has been quite active recently, introducing the new Text-to-Switch rules in July 2019 and announcing the forthcoming ‘Contract End Date and Best Deal notification’ . However, while Billmonitor welcomes these developments, and questions Three’s refusal to sign up, we do wonder why it is taking Ofcom so long to implement changes to the market that are standard in other regulated markets, like utilities. 

  • Why not a supplier-led switching process (the same as for energy switching)?
  • Why do the main networks not separate out the handset costs from the airtime tariffs (and automatically cancel it once the handset has been paid off)?
  • Why can we not have simpler and more comparable bills from the networks?

As always, the devil is in the detail and we can already see mitigating strategies emerging from the incumbent networks. 

Klaus says:

“We will continue to monitor what the respective networks suggest in response to Ofcom’s initiative and compare it to what they ultimately deliver… and show how much consumers can still save even then!”

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