Billmonitor is now a Bloom Accredited Supplier


We are delighted to announce that Billmonitor is now a Bloom Accredited Supplier.

Billmonitor is now a Bloom Accredited Supplier

Delivering the NEPRO neutral vendor solution, Bloom specialises in bringing together a community of buyers and suppliers, opening the procurement process and giving the best choice for buyers and more business opportunities for suppliers, big or small. 

Bloom’s equitable approach to public sector procurement aligns perfectly with Billmonitor’s core values. We see the public sector and health care/NHS organisations as a natural fit for us as the cash savings generated can be reinvested, benefiting not only the organisations but ultimately the public as well. 

Billmonitor has a proven track record of supporting organisations in the public sector, such as total contract savings of 42% including a meaningful handset fund for Barts Cancer Institute and enabling CSH Surrey, among other successes, to reduce their average monthly cash cost by 35% per user for their 2,125 connections.

Of Billmonitor’s new Bloom Accredited Supplier status, Managing Director Klaus Henke says:

“We are looking forward to working with the Bloom procurement team to help local authorities to improve the cost control and reporting of their mobile phone arrangements. Mobile phone costs are never the biggest cost item, but every little helps in times of tightening budgets”

You can find out more about working with Bloom here.

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The Billmonitor team