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Billmonitor qualifies for EIS Advanced Assurance


Billmonitor is eligible for EIS relief, which will provide qualifying investors with 30% income tax relief on their investment alongside certain other tax reliefs.

Billmonitor is currently engaging in a round of fundraising through the leading European investment platform Seedrs, and the EIS Advanced Assurance is great news for our new and current shareholders.

Of the fundraise, Klaus Henke, Managing Director of Billmonitor said:

“This fundraise will allow us to further raise awareness and enable us to reach more users and businesses, helping them to save money.”

view Billmonitor’s campaign on Seedrs

HMRC confirmed that Billmonitor qualifies for EIS Advanced Assurance on Monday, 30 September, stating: 

"We believe we will be able to authorise the company to issue compliance certificates under Section 204(1) of the Income Tax Act (ITA) 2007." 

Please bear in mind that the EIS rules consider the tax position of the individual investor and are subject to change in future. Should you wish to learn more about EIS tax relief, Seedrs provides a useful Q&A here.

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