Billmonitor working with Save The Student


Billmonitor has signed a cooperation agreement with the UKs number one student money website Save The Student (STS).

Save the Student

STS provides students with free and impartial advice on how to make their money go further. Established in response to the growing debt pressure on students, STS welcomes thousands of students daily to the site where they regularly post factual advice, money saving tips and the best deals on offer.  

STS’s aim to reduce the amount of debt students are expected to graduate with aligns perfectly with Billmonitor’s free consumer service, offering as it does a way for students to select the contract most suitable for their needs, not the one that will make the agents and mobile networks the most money. The average saving per consumer per year is £148, which could be better spent by students on loans, housing or course fees. 

Billmonitor’s free consumer service currently analyses Vodafone, O2, EE and Three, with the comparison also including Tesco Mobiles. In addition, Billmonitor offers a paid for service for businesses and public sector clients.

Speaking on the new agreement, Billmonitor managing director Klaus Henke says:

“The new cooperation with Save The Student is great news, as it will give the site’s members free access to Billmonitor’s price comparison service. This will allow students to find better deals, whether they opt to go for a new handset or SIM only."


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