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Billmonitor’s ‘fairy-tale’ featured in London Business Matters


Billmonitor MD Klaus Henke’s modern day telecoms fairy-tale, entitled ‘Trust is good, control is better’, was featured in the June edition of London Chamber of Commerce’s official publication London Business Matters.

London Business Matters

The fairy-tale, which was inspired by Henke’s daughter’s birthday present request - a dolphin, ducks and a big enough pond for them to live in – considered the telecoms industry in terms of a big and murky pond, inhabited by an eclectic array of wildlife trying to make a buck.

The pond

Cast of characters:

  • The Dolphins - mobile phone agents and network operators
  • The ducks - businesses, corporates and public sector organisations
  • A big enough pond - the mobile phone market


Read more about the telecoms fairy-tale’s dark secrets and the moral of the story

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