CBI Cyber Security conference 2018


2019 risk landscape: key threats and lessons

The podiums discussion at this month's CBI Cyber Security conference looked at the 2019 risk landscape.  While we were unable to escape questions about the recent British Airways hack, the focus was on finding ways to ensure that all organisations, from SMEs to large corporates, are aware of the risks posed by cybercrime.

2019 risk landscape: key threats and lessons

One key takeaway point focused on the fact that while it will always be difficult to prevent a sophisticated cyber-attack, companies need to demonstrate that they have followed good practice in trying to prevent one. More importantly, companies need to have a solid strategy in place to deal with the aftermath of a cyber-attack, as the potential damage to the brand and future business prospects are often much higher that the actual financial costs of the initial cyber-attack.

Klaus Henke, Managing Director from Billmonitor commented that

The CBI Cyber Security Conference was an excellent reminder of the importance of good practice. There are always improvements that can be made to how we manage cyber security, which is also one reason why we at Billmonitor promote continued learning not just for our software team, but for our management team too.


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