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Cleanology - cleaning the scientific way


Cleanology - cleaning the scientific way

Cleanology provides professional office and commercial cleaning
services, as well as property maintenance and support services across
London and Manchester to some of the world’s most famous brands.
As a multi award-winning family business, Cleanology is now one of
the most established companies in the industry, with a focus on quality
and service.

Following a contract renewal with Vodafone, Cleanology experienced
significant increases in their invoices, with additional expenses on their
mobile phone bills that were allocated, seemingly, at random. Cleanology
approached Billmonitor for help in identifying and addressing the reason for
the exceptionally high costs.

Using Billmonitor’s unique, evidence-based software to analyse
Cleanology’s mobile phone bills, the team quickly identified the reason for
the increased data charges.

  • Several connections showed a significant increase in their data usage, pushing the accounts total data usage above its allowance, resulting in thousands of pounds of excess data charges
  • To make matters worse, Vodafone reported these excess data charges as “other purchases” and randomly allocated them to one number as no lead number had been agreed
  • Billmonitor worked closely with Cleanology to ensure that all data usage was business related before adding incremental data bundles, reducing excess data charges by approximately 60%
  • Cleanology subsequently decided to make use of Billmonitor’s monthly reporting to ensure costs stayed down


  • Bill Audit – Comprehensive review of the actual usage and spend to confirm that all charges were business related
  • Addressing the excess data issue while in contract and realizing an instant SAVING of 45%
  • Handset fund increased for the new 24-month contract.


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