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Digital Innovators 2018: Billmonitor featured in City A.M


Billmonitor has been featured in City A.M’s Digital Innovators 2018 article as one of three life-changing companies leading the way in the technology sector alongside and Cera.  

Digital Innovators 2018 highlights the freshest and most inspiring digital companies impacting the market. It was launched in late 2017 with the Digital Innovators Power List, which identified 50 of the freshest and most inspiring digital companies impacting the market. The list was then whittled down to three finalists in each category, with Billmonitor nominated as a ‘Life Changer’.

Each of the finalists will be given the opportunity to give a Dragon’s Den style presentation as part of the final Digital Innovators 2018 event on Thursday, 10th May. Billmonitor MD Klaus Henke plans to use his allotted time to highlight the extent of savings made possible by Billmonitor’s proprietary software, and how those savings could be utilised within the public sector to make real, life-changing impact for those who most need it.

Billmonitor Managing Director Klaus Henke says:

Billmonitor can only be a facilitator and promotor for change – the ultimate decision to access the cash and use it for good rests with the users. That said, just think how much could be achieved if people and businesses invested a third of their savings in research and development or donated it to a good cause… we’re talking about more than £1-billion being invested in making the world a better place.


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