New Year, New Financial You: Billmonitor featured in The Times!


January is all about ‘trimming the fat from your finances’ and, this weekend, The Times posted an article outlining some key steps on how to beat the financial bulge.

Included in the article was the possibility of saving £160 per year by only paying for the calls you make, featuring Billmonitor’s intel. The article states:

…about three-quarters of users are on the wrong deal, according to Billmonitor, a mobile phone tariffs comparison service.

This means users either do not use anything near their allowance or regularly go beyond it, incurring hefty fees.

Based on an analysis of about 275,000 people who have used Billmonitor, the firm estimates the average saving from switching to the most appropriate deal is £320 over a 24-month period.

Other money-saving tips featured in the piece include: cancelling unused subscriptions, reviewing your life cover and claiming back energy overpayments.
See the full article on The Times website here.

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