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Notes from the Basildon Business Expo


The Billmonitor team had a great time exhibiting at the Basildon Business Expo 2018 last week.

Organised by the Essex Chambers of Commerce in partnership with the Basildon Council, the expo provided a welcoming platform for local businesses to showcase their services and share their success stories. 

Of the event, Billmonitor Senior Consultant Andrew Downey said: 

“The event was very successful. It was great to speak to businesses about our fresh approach to save them money. We heard a lot of comments from attendees such as ‘what a great idea’ and ‘we could really use something like this to help us’. A real takeaway was how impressed businesses were with our 46% average saving and how we work independently from the networks so we can remain impartial.”

Two of the key issues highlighted by businesses visiting the Billmonitor stand were lack of awareness - if they are on a good deal or not – and knowingly not taking the time to investigate their contract detail. This is a situation that we often encounter in our day-to-day conversations with new and existing clients, and is one which highlights the lack of transparency in the business mobile market – contracts are so confusing that businesses often opt to stay as is simply to avoid the hassle. 

Billmonitor team at Basildon Business Expo 2018

Downey continued: 

“Throughout the day we often gave out some free tips and advice on businesses current contracts. One example sticks in my mind. They did the right thing to start saving money by going with a SIM only contract for 12 months. However, this SIM only contract only gave 4GB of data to which they are paying £18 per month, which we found for the much cheaper rate of £12 ON THE SAME NETWORK.”

The goal of the Basildon Council, building on the expo, is to boost local businesses in Basildon and support them through their journey – it’s always great to hear local government keeping the interests of local businesses in mind. Thanks to all involved for organising such a fantastic event!

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