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Reflecting on LCCI’s Q4 2019 review


Billmonitor account manager John Hughes attended the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Q4 2019 review earlier this week.

While there, he noted that most London-based businesses were clearly under even more pressure in Q4 than ever before – an understandable situation, developing as it did during an election period laced with Brexit worries.

Statistics from Savanta CompRes show that cost pressures remain high and cashflow low, with predictions for 2020 showing a lack of confidence and negative growth. A UK budget in March and a potential cliff edge at the end of December all help to create a gloomy picture.

LCCI 2019 Q4 discussion

The Billmonitor switch – Light in a gloomy economic tunnel

While Billmonitor knows that telecom expenses are rarely a top three priority – with their complexity often seen as a task too daunting to tackle - they can provide decent cash savings. This is particularly true for those industries that can potentially benefit most, such as the public sector especially NHS hospital trusts, education and housing and for the “hard working” industries such as construction and transport. That’s got to add a feel-good factor in 2020!

Of the event, Hughes said:

“Hats off to the LCCI and HSBC for organising a very informative and interactive event – it was so well attended that seats were full and there were even a few standing guests. A great turnout, especially at this early time of a new year. I look forward to the next one!”

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