Roaming charges are back!


While promises abounded that EU roaming charges would not be reintroduced post-Brexit, the reality is somewhat different -  alarmingly, nobody seems to be holding the networks to account for going back on their word! 

EE was the first UK operator to introduce extra charges, with a £2 per day EU roaming fee set to be introduced from January 2022 onwards - this will affect all those consumers who join EE or sign up to a new contract after 7 July, 2021. 

Three have reduced their fair usage from 20GB to 12GB cap on all customers when roaming in the EU, with each additional GB costing £3 (or 0.30p per megabyte). 

Both O2 and Vodafone already have a fair usage cap of 25GB for pay-monthly customers in place, with every additional GB charged at £3.60 (or 0.36p per megabyte) by O2 and £3.13  (or 0.31p per megabyte) by Vodafone. Under fair usage, UK customers will be charged extra if they spend more than 50% of their time overseas, for example being in another country for more than 62 days in a four-month period.

Sky are yet to announce any changes to their roaming charges, though we expect that all networks will, ultimately, reintroduce them in one form or another. At this point, changes seem to only affect consumers...

Discussing the roaming charges, Billmoniter MD Klaus Henke opined: 

“The abolishment of the European roaming charges was a great victory for consumers and business alike. However, we at Billmonitor have the feeling that when this happened, costs for international calls from the UK went up, which we interpreted as ‘compensation’ for the lost revenue from European roaming. Therefore, the question is: with the return of the roaming charges, will there be a reflective reduction in international charges? - highly unlikely!” 

If you employ staff who travel for business, now is the time to talk to Billmonitor to help keep a lid on your costs as business changes. The roaming charges are currently only aimed at consumers, but this may well change down the line -


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