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Save Our Startups


Today’s entrepreneurs are being forgotten during the Covid-19 crisis, which, in turn, threatens the future of our economy.

SoS and Seedrs

That’s the key take away from Save our Startups, a crucial new campaign set up to persuade the Government to provide resources to help protect the UKs critical startup and scaleup ecosystem from crumbling. 

SAVE OUR STARTUPS (SoS)  founding partner Seedrs has joined forces with the likes of The Entrepreneurs Network and the Founders Forum, among others, to offer “an opportunity for founders, employees, shareholders, customers and the wider ecosystem supporting Britain's startup and high growth businesses to tell the UK Government what needs to be done to protect their future”.

Billmonitor MD Klaus Henke added his name to the SoS open letter to government, saying:

“Billmonitor was on a path to profitability on the back of strong revenue growth over the last two years and with key initiatives currently in place. However, as a direct result of COVID-19, these initiatives are now all on hold and several of our clients have cancelled or deferred current and new projects for several months.”

If you are an entrepreneur (or investor) being affected by the Covid-19, we encourage you to visit the site here and add your name to the open letter.

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