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BT One Phone - A Cautionary Tale


Screwed up or screwed over?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at a series of anecdotes from our clients regarding extreme mobile phone bills and what caused them. 

BT One Phone – A cautionary tale

In 2018, a BT One Phone client took a trip to Tunisia. While there, he needed to work and, in total, used less than a single gigabyte of data. Upon returning home, he realised he had no cap in place on his mobile phone contract and had been charged £3,000 for the data used while abroad.

A long conversation with BT One Phone produced a short answer: no refund.

A request for further feedback from the BT One Phone care team was equally disappointing. They highlighted the fact that it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that they have the right thresholds and caps in place. Also, they noted that the customer is expected to educate him/herself about their contract and cannot rely on discussions with the BT care team.

It’s worthwhile noting that BT One Phone doesn’t offer any money saving bundles to cover data usage in its zone 6 ‘Rest of World’ region, which unfortunately includes Tunisia. BT One Phone customers, current and future, should keep in mind that the BT One Phone tariff range is not fit for purpose for those who need to travel extensively outside the usual international destinations. 

How to safeguard against these charges?

The use of individual reporting thresholds and caps can help manage these situations. However, if your employees do require internet access for business purposes, it can end up being a rather costly experience.

Of the issue with BT One Phone’s tariff range, Billmonitor MD Klaus Henke says:

“While BT One Phone provides a high-quality service in the UK, it will probably take some time more before we recommend their services to any internationally active players, small or large.” 

No matter what network you are on, the next time you travel, make sure you activate the correct roaming bundle. If, as with BT One Phone, this option is not available, always make sure you have a warning threshold and cap in place. 

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