Supporting the education sector in reducing mobile phone costs and improving cost transparency


Billmonitor offers the optimum way to choose and manage mobile phone services, facilitating better decision making through improved cost monitoring and reporting.

Billmonitor believes in doing business with a purpose – helping educational organisations achieve sustainable prosperity by reducing costs and saving money that can be better spent on training employees or investing in teaching. We operate independently from any network – our software does not take commission into account and ranks its recommendations purely on savings. Importantly, Billmonitor only earns money when our clients save money.

Billmonitor’s approach

  • Truly impartial and independent advice. Billmonitor’s mobile tariff price comparison tool is the only Ofcom-accredited service of its kind with a track record of over 10-years.
  • Uses cutting edge software to uncover hidden inefficiencies. Our software analyses a client’s actual usage and benchmarks it against more than a million tariff and bundle combinations to find cost-saving solutions.
  • Risk free approach. Billmonitor’s interest is fully aligned with its clients as fees are a percentage of savings, meaning Billmonitor only makes money when the client saves money.
  • Highly qualified and dedicated team. The Billmonitor team combines hands-on telecom experts with  software engineers and qualified chartered accountants to deliver a superior service.

How we work with our clients…

One-off Contract Renewal or Ongoing Bill Monitoring

  1. You allow access to your billing data
  2. Our software analyses usage & spend
  3. The team optimises and negotiates
  4. You save £££

…delivering results for a wide range of organisations

City & Guilds Group: Savings of (combined) 60%

Barts Cancer Institute: Savings of another 42%

Capital City College Group: Savings of over 76%

CSH Surrey: Savings of nearly 50%

Besides delivering mobile cost savings, Billmonitor’s service is designed to reduce resource requirements as we provide the software and manpower to manage the processes, allowing clients to focus on what they do best, providing front-line services.

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