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Value Match and Billmonitor are proud to be working in collaboration to create social value through innovation and cost savings


Value Match and Billmonitor are proud to be working in collaboration to create social value through innovation and cost savings.

Did you know that eight out of ten organisations think they’re on the right tariff but, in reality, 93% of these organisations could save nearly 50% on their mobile phone contract?

Billmonitor have consistently shown the ability to save organisations money that could be reinvested in research or enabling access to better healthcare in the community – learn how Billmonitor helped Barts Cancer Institute save 42% on their public sector tariffs.

We worked on our values in collaboration with Value Match – a values-led organisation that shares the belief that all organisations should be purpose-focused and value driven - in order to address social and economic inequalities, positively impact the environment and bring real cost savings to the public sector. The Value Match Model helped us to identify our core values to have a high impact upon all our stakeholders and maximise impact in our delivery – bringing real cost benefits to the public sector. 

Through saving money, Billmonitor can help you create sustainable prosperity in your region - we are 100% independent and our remuneration is completely success-driven as we charge a percentage of actual savings achieved.
So, if there’s no saving, there’s no fee.

Sustainable Prosperity


Helping organisations and consumers to become more financially sustainable by reducing costs and making better use of limited resources.
Responsible Action


Truly independent, fully transparent and using proprietary software designed to deliver unbiased savings. Evidenced by 10 years of Ofcom accreditation.
Value People


Helping customers to understand their bills better and thus make better buying decisions. Treating them and our employees with respect and courtesy.
Value Relationships


Building long-term relationships with our clients, business partners and employees, mutually supporting each other to grow and prosper.

You can contact Billmonitor directly on 0800 689 3035 for a free audit of your mobile phone bills - be sure to quote Value Match 2020 to receive an extra 10% discount on Billmonitor’s standard performance fee - or visit for more information on how Billmonitor works with local and regional authorities, NHS and private health care providers, charities and educational institutes.

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