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You spoke, we listened: updates to the consumer site


We are continuously working to improve the experience of our users and, following some helpful feedback, we have made a few amendments to the Billmonitor website.

Billmonitor account changes

Multiple accounts

We have added the account's network and creation date to the account’s selector to enable easy differentiation for those with multiple accounts with the same number. This has also been added to the account’s selector in the main menu.

Network and created at date

Also, to enable users with multiple accounts to see the contract end date and the last bill date for their accounts, we’ve added that information to the tabbed pages and to the account settings page.

Contract end date and last bill date

We’d love to hear what you think of the changes, or if you have any ideas for additional improvements. You can send your ideas by clicking the "feedback" button on the right hand side, or by sending an email to


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