37.5% saving through improved tariff and bundle selection.

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Key results

  • 37.5%

    Mobile phone costs savings of 37.5% through improved tariff and bundle selection.

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    Support for a smooth account switching process to Vodafone.

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    Providing a generous handset fund as part of the new contract while reduced tariff and bundle costs.

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    Help to appoint an independent agent to jointly manage Amius’ ongoing mobile phone needs.

About Amius

Amius provides clients from across the globe with a range of sophisticated financial services tailored to their individual requirements, enabling them to protect their business margins and manage volatility. Its emphasis is on bespoke, over-the-counter risk management and hedging solutions to organisations with exposure to commodities such as coffee, cacao, cotton, etc. and foreign exchange markets.

Amius' communication needs

Amius operates out of its London head office and a second office in Singapore. Key members of the team regularly travel around the globe, from the US to China and from Brazil to the Middle East. As a result of its global activities and client base, the Amius team is a heavy user of mobile phones, with significant data usage in the UK, Europe and internationally, requiring particular attention to international call packages and roaming bundles.

“Billmonitor has helped us to gain a better understanding of our mobile phone arrangements: improving transparency, reducing our overall mobile phone bills and providing a truly hands-on service whenever we need it.”

Matthias Bormann

Financial Director
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