58% savings on out of allowance costs through improved tariff and bundle selection.

Case Study
AMS Aircraft Services Ltd

Key results

  • 58%

    58% savings on out of allowance costs, primarily roaming, through improved tariff and bundle selection.

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    Renewal with Vodafone with more suitable and cheaper tariffs and roaming bundles.

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    Renewal process with focus on roaming and international call cots, delivering 28% tariff savings and 58% out-of-allowance savings.

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    Ongoing support through regular reports by Billmonitor and Oxford Street Connection, an independent mobile phone agent.

About AMS Aircraft Services

AMS Aircraft is an international aviation company providing Technical Management, Aircraft Acquisition and Aircraft Remarketing services to airlines, aircraft operators, aircraft owners, aircraft financiers, aircraft lessors and manufacturers.

AMS Aircraft Services global communication needs

AMS Aircraft has developed a reputation as a leader in the field of aviation consulting. Its headquarters are in the United Kingdom, but it provides services worldwide to an international client base.

AMS Aircraft’s key concern with their mobile phone contract was the highly volatile roaming data and call costs. The firm’s engineers are periodically working in countries such as India, Russia, Middle East and the USA on short notice, often for extended periods of time.

“We initially went directly to Vodafone but were surprised about the high costs of roaming. Billmonitor provided a detailed analysis and highlighted money saving solutions. It was an easy decision to appoint them to manage our renewal and to provide ongoing monitoring.”

Carl Willis

IT Manager, AMS Aircraft Services Ltd
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