Billmonitor was able to secure attractive roaming options for BCI from at least two operators THIS TIME achieving savings of 42%, after previously achieving savings of 37% in 2015/16.

Case Study
Barts Cancer Institute

Key results

  • Total contract SAVINGS of 42% including a meaningful handset fund.

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    A detailed review of the handset fund account resulted in ADDITIONAL CREDIT, which was used to purchase new handsets for research nurses and other staff.

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    MONTHLY MONITORING and REPORTING by Billmonitor to ensure that costs stay down.

About the Barts Cancer Institute

Barts Cancer Institute (BCI), Queen Mary University of London, is one of the leading cancer institutes in the UK and, as part of the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Barts Centre, is one of 13 CRUK Centres of Excellence and a key partner in the CRUK City of London Centre.

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Finding a tariff suitable for internationally active researchers

Over the last two years BCI has added over 20 new connections, making the previous contract less efficient. At the same time, the mobile phone market has started to offer more flexible contract terms for educational and public sector organisations.

Billmonitor was able to build on the work done in 2015/16; in particular, the co-terminous clause was very useful when negotiating the latest renewal, achieving total contract savings of 42% by selecting flexible public sector tariffs including suitable international roaming bundles.

Billmonitor has also agreed with BCI to provide a monthly monitoring and reporting service to ensure that costs stay down, reducing the need for extensive renewal work in 2020.

“It was important for us to find a truly independent advisor who would also be able to support the BCI throughout the switching process and Billmonitor truly exceeded our expectations.”

Jonathan Croft

Head of Research Computing
Barts Cancer Institute
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