Instant cashflow savings of 30% with projected combined savings of 60% on contract renewal in 2021.

Case Study
City & Guilds Group

Key results

  • The removal of dormant and out-of-contract connections achieved MONTHLY CASH SAVINGS OF £2,381

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    Hundreds of pounds saved instantly through bundle and tariff optimisation

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    The reorganisation and renewal of 195 connections pushed total MONTHLY CASH SAVINGS TO 30% of all O2 connections

  • TOTAL CONTRACT SAVINGS EXPECTED TO DOUBLE TO 60% on contract renewal in 2021

About City & Guilds Group

City & Guilds Group believe in the power of skills to build successful careers, businesses, and economies. Together with ILM, Kineo, The Oxford Group, Ditalme and Gen2, City & Guilds are able to provide a broad and imaginative range of products and services that help people achieve their potential through work-based learning. The Group's purpose is to help people, organisations and economies develop their skills for growth.


As a result of several acquisitions, City & Guilds Group’s c.900 connections were split across five contracts with three different network providers, including one contract that was sourced through an independent mobile phone agent.

The procurement team identified a large increase in actual vs. projected costs of its main O2 contract. City & Guilds Group stipulated that Billmonitor’s remuneration was based on delivering results, agreeing on a success-only approach to ensure they were only paying for actual savings.


Using the unique Billmonitor software, Billmonitor identified significant cash-saving actions:

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    Removal of 144 dormant and out-of-contract connections

  • Identifying 82 still-in-contract but dormant connections that could be recycled, reducing the need to purchase new connections

  • Increasing data allowance for relevant individual connections and amending roaming bundles to reduce high recurring out-of-allowance charges

  • Consolidation of the mobile phone arrangements and transferring 142 connections to a new contract directly with O2, without having to switch networks

“While City & Guilds Group has always been very cost conscious, the complexity of managing nearly 900 connections across five contracts made it very difficult for the procurement team to identify cash savings; something our Billmonitor software could discover in a few hours.

What started as a one-off account review turned into an 18-month mandate to maximise savings and to improve expense monitoring and reporting across the group.”

Klaus Henke

Managing Director, Billmonitor Ltd
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