Reduced monthly cash costs and increased hardware fund deliver nearly 50% cost savings.

Case Study
CSH Surrey

Key results

  • 35%

    Average monthly cash costs reduced by 35% per user for their 2,125 connections.

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    Savings realised through right-sizing tariffs and bundles based on actual usage by each connection.

  • Total hardware fund increased significantly to facilitate the rollout of new mobile devices.

  • Comprehensive review to identify dormant connections and underutilised hardware.

About CSH Surrey

CSH Surrey is Surrey's largest and longest established NHS community services provider. It has been running NHS health services, provided in homes, clinics, hospitals and the schools of Surrey, since 2006. CSH Surrey is one of 11 health and social care providers known as the Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership who work together to improve care across Surrey Downs, North West Surrey, and Guildford and Waverley areas.

CSH Surrey's communication needs

Keith Woollard, Associate Director of Digital Transformation at CSH Surrey, asked Billmonitor to carry out a comprehensive review of the current mobile phone arrangements and to manage all aspects of the Request-for-Proposal process to minimise the resources required by CSH Surrey. At the time, Keith advised that the mobile fleet included a high number of dormant connections and that various community services had been moved between providers since the last renewal.

“I was initially sceptical about Billmonitor’s ability to achieve savings as our average cost per connection was already less than £10 on public sector tariffs but they really exceeded our expectations and reduced our contract costs by nearly 50%... we are now discussing with Billmonitor an ongoing monitoring service to keep costs down and they are also reviewing our fixed line expenses.”

Keith Woollard

Associate Director of Digital Transformation
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