Creating a mobile phone contract that is value for money

Case Study

Key results

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    Significantly simplified mobile phone arrangements with monthly monitoring and reporting.

  • Co-terminus clauses introduced to avoid staggered contract end dates.

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    Total EE cash costs down by 22%, with a 35% increase in the handset fund.

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    Total O2 cash costs down by 24%, with a 28% increase in the handset fund.

About Fishawack

Fishawack Health is a full-service, global healthcare communications agency and consultancy with the capabilities, scale, and geographical coverage to offer healthcare a fresh, new type of partnership. They work end-to-end, from medical, commercial, and marketing strategy, through to brand strategy, communication, and execution.

Fishawack's communication needs

Due to several acquisitions, Fishawack had four main mobile phone contracts from three different networks, plus a host of small contracts with various other networks. Multiple invoicing and contract end dates plus varying presentations of billing information across the networks made it difficult to monitor and manage their 300 mobile phone connections.

“Fishawack had a very clear view of what they wanted to achieve: lower monthly cash costs and higher handset funds. Using our unique Billmonitor software, we were able to establish a clear 18-month strategy to achieve just that, while also improving non-financial contract terms and providing Fishawack with monthly reporting and monitoring. I always enjoy it when we can design a mobile phone contract that truly offers value for money for one of our clients.”

Jamie Boulton

Senior Account Manager at Billmonitor
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