Refund of £24,911 through identification of historical billing errors and mobile phone costs savings of approximately £67,400.

Case Study
London-based investment management firm

Key results

  • Refund of £24,911 through identification of historical billing errors.

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    Mobile phone costs savings of approximately £67,400 through improved tariff and bundle selection and increased handset fund.

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    Periodic review of the mobile account for further optimisation as a new post-implementation service.

About the investment management firm

The London-based investment manager delivers superior investment performance by consistently taking a long-term view and fully integrating sustainable research within a rigorous framework of traditional financial analysis.

Detailed analysis

A comprehensive analysis by Billmonitor revealed that the investment manager had been incorrectly billed by Vodafone, which, following a lengthy negotiation, resulted in a total refund of £24,911.

Next, the mobile phone contract renewal process was split into two phases, with 20% of the connections renewed in phase 1 to meet the MiFID requirements for mobile voice recording.

Phase 2, completed in Q2 2018, saw Billmonitor tailoring the tariff and bundle selection to ensure that those users that used a lot of data and those users that travelled received a higher data allowance and relevant roaming bundles. This allowed Billmonitor to negotiate a bigger discount on the standard tariff and to significantly increase the handset fund, resulting in total savings of approximately £67,400 over a standard 24-month contract period.

The London based investment management firm enjoyed savings of £92,300 through identifying historical billing errors, improved tariff and customised bundle selection. The savings were made up of retrospective savings through a substantial refund as well as bigger discounts and increased handset fund for the new 24-month contract.

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