Using Billmonitor's software has enabled independent mobile phone agent Oxford Street Connections Ltd. to service more clients with increased efficiency.

Case Study
OSC Oxford Street Connections Ltd

Key results

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    Understanding clients usage and spend profiles by line and at company level, with more efficiency than ever before.

  • Helping clients to save money by being able to offer the most financially beneficial tariff and bundle combinations.

  • Improved retention rate by offering additional services and reports.

About OSC Oxford Street Connections

Oxford Street Connections (OSC) is an independent mobile phone agent that helps businesses and corporations deal with their mobile network operators. OSC has deals with all the major networks and has access to exclusive business tariffs, which enables them to give their clients the best options.

OSC Oxford Street Connections needs

Oxford Street Connections (OSC) has been analysing, understanding and offering the best professional deals to their clients since 2008. However, analysing big accounts is a time-consuming process. The founder, Maurice Fermoy, works with a wide range of key business accounts, taking the pain out of mobile phone management.

“Billmonitor saves me a lot of time. Its detailed analysis of Data, Voice, Roaming and International Calls by users allows me to gain a comprehensive understanding of a clients’ profile and their key issues. I can analyse and prioritise then plan recommendations to find one that meets my client’s needs, offers good savings and allows a meaningful handset fund.”

Maurice Fermoy

Founder and Director, OSC Oxford Street Connections Ltd
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