Within-contract cash-flow savings of 31% through tariff optimisation with projected combined savings of 60-70% on contract renewal.

Case Study
Premier Freight Services Ltd

Key results

  • Instant within-contract CASH-FLOW SAVINGS OF 31% through tariff and additional bundles optimisation.

  • Comprehensive review to identify 91 inactive connections, which was costing Premier Freight £1,200 per month.

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    Additional savings will be achieved once we are able to renew the contract in early 2022, ultimately achieving COMBINED SAVINGS OF ABOUT 60-70%.

Premier Freight's profile

Premier Freight Services Ltd are an Essex based Freight Forwarding & Transport company, established in 1973 with over 40 years knowledge in the maritime industry. They specialise in refrigerated cargoes, Customs & Veterinary clearance of food products, and active Gen Set container collections and deliveries.

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Detailed analysis

Following a period of growth and change, Premier Freight’s contract became inherently flawed and inefficient as it focused on cheap single tariff contracts, which were not fit for purpose. This led to inevitably high out-of-allowance charges as the users exceeded their individual voice and data quotas, a problem made worse by the size and complexity of Premier Freight’s mobile phone bills. The company was being charged thousands of pounds each month in additional charges with no way of identifying the connections that required increased allowances.

In December 2018, while still in contract with O2, Premier Freight became frustrated with the limited results and information being provided by their independent mobile phone agent and appointed Billmonitor to provide an active account management solution. Using Billmonitor’s Usage and Spend Reports, we quickly traced the excess UK voice and data charges to the relevant connections, allowing us to upgrade tariffs where necessary. This facilitated INSTANT IN-CONTRACT CASH-FLOW SAVINGS OF 31%. Billmonitor continues to provide comprehensive support to insure a smooth transition on contract renewal in early 2022.

“(...) The issue of a wide range of contract end dates is similarly undesirable as it reduces Premier Freight's ability to negotiate meaningful discounts. Using Billmonitor's unique, evidence-based software to analyse Premier Freight's account, we were able to realise instant cash savings and implement a strategy to simplify the account over the next 12 to 18 months. It's great to see how our tech can help clients save time and money.”

Jamie Boulton

Senior Account Manager, Billmonitor Ltd
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