about the maths

it’s in the bills

There is more information in mobile phone bills than most people realise. A proper analysis of your mobile phone can reveal which contract features you underuse, which contract features you overuse, your international call patterns, your data use habits, which months you call most in, which months you text least in, and from all of that get an accurate picture of how and when you use your phone in order to find you exactly the right contract.

Because mobile phone bills are a complex series of variables, the best way to analyse them is to give your online bills to billmonitor.com so it has true access to the purest data. Needless to say, when you opt for billmonitor.com’s online bill analysis your billing data is treated as absolutely private and is used for nothing other than the service you have authorised.

Most people in the UK have online bills. If you do not have online bills but want the right contract, the next best thing to do is to take a few minutes to sign up to online billing with your current network then go through billmonitor.com’s online bill analysis.

And if you’d rather not do that, you can still use the billmonitor calculator, endorsed by Ofcom as the best in the UK. Like a price comparison site, the calculator asks you to manually input your calling and texting information. Unlike a price comparison site, the billmonitor calculator also asks you to input your international calls and data usage, two factors which make an enormous difference to your contract price, and uses all your information to construct a virtual bill which the goes through the same process and thoroughness as billmonitor’s online bill analysis to find you the right contract.

it’s in the statistics

billmonitor.com uses advanced statistics to analyse your bills. By looking at your use over time it scenario analyses to find the ‘high-water marks’ of your calls, texts, international calls, data and picture messaging. Statistically speaking it does that scenario analysis with an ensemble of probabilistic forecasts modelled from your usage.

By calculating those ‘high-water marks’ and adding tolerances (it’s always more cost effective to dip under your allowances than to dip over them because you’re penalised for going over), billmonitor.com is able to accurately price the true expected cost to you of any contract on the market. After that, it just has to find the contract.

it’s in the 997,524 contract deals out there

Once billmonitor.com knows what your right contract needs to be, it simply searches (all operators) × (all contract lengths) × (all available tariffs) × (all available handsets + optional bundles + cashbacks + freebies) to match what you need to what you can get to find you the right contract.

Save £ be :) with billmonitor

Founded by mathematicians in oxford, billmonitor is an independent and impartial service that helps mobile phone users save money with its unique bill analysis and mobile price comparison calculator approved by Ofcom since 2009

Featured on the MoneySavingExpert, The Gadget Show, BBC2 and The Independent as well as highlighted by Consumer Focus, billmonitor has been heralded as a much-needed service for mobile phone consumers