about the service

helpful with new contracts

Every part of the billmonitor.com service is intended to be helpful.

First, billmonitor.com will help you find exactly the right contract with a series of clearly designed pages that tell you precisely what to do when and give you information about the mobile phone market as you use them.

To be as helpful as possible, billmonitor.com provides two routes to the right contract. For those who want the most precise result, billmonitor can analyse your online mobile phone bills. For those who want the quickest result, billmonitor.com has built the billmonitor.com calculator, the most accurate mobile phone contract calculator in the UK.

When you have found the right contract, billmonitor will help you find the right service provider and remind you what to ask for (and what to avoid) when you deal with them.

helpful in the middle of contracts

If you're in the middle of a contract, you can immediately sign up to Bill Check-up to see if your current contract is right and, if not, how to adjust it. Bill Check-up is a free ongoing monthly service.

If that contract is still right, Bill Check-up will tell you so. But if you're using your mobile phone more, or less, or some parts of it more and some parts of it less, Bill Check-up will tell you how you can adjust your contract to make it match you better, and will tell you what number to call your network on and exactly what adjustment to ask for.

In some circumstances, a network will not be able to adjust your contract — usually in the first half of your contract, especially if you want to adjust it downwards (ie pay less). In those circumstances, billmonitor will tell you how to make the most of your contract by telling you exactly how much more data you can use in a month and not pay more.

helpful at the end of contracts

You'll be alerted when you're getting close to the end of your contract, and billmonitor will recommend new contracts it has analysed and found to be exactly right for you. And since you now own your handset and may wish to keep using it, those contracts will include SIM-only contracts which reduces the price dramatically.

more helpful than a price comparison site

billmonitor.com is very different to a price comparison site. Price comparison sites ask you for the least information possible to give you the fastest recommendation possible so that you buy as quickly as possible. It's ok for fridges but not for mobile phones which different people use in very different ways and where those differences, even small ones, make big differences to your monthly bills.

Unlike price comparison sites, you need to spend five or six minutes with billmonitor.com so it can find you exactly right contract. Having said that, it's still reasonably quick, as simple as it can be given how thorough it needs to be, and gives you much a more meaningful and helpful result than any price comparison site can.

Whether you use the calculator or the online bill analysis, you get a recommendation — the right contract — accompanied by a simple explanation why it's right for you, something that price comparison sites can't provide. That recommendation is followed by a short list of other good contracts, including at least one from each operator, all in sharp contrast to the long list of results that price comparison sites throw up.

Save £ be :) with billmonitor

Founded by mathematicians in oxford, billmonitor is an independent and impartial service that helps mobile phone users save money with its unique bill analysis and mobile price comparison calculator approved by Ofcom since 2009

Featured on the MoneySavingExpert, The Gadget Show, BBC2 and The Independent as well as highlighted by Consumer Focus, billmonitor has been heralded as a much-needed service for mobile phone consumers