What Billmonitor assumes

Bill Analysis Assumptions

  • It calculates non-geographical and premium numbers (e.g. 0845, 0870 and 0871) at one cost whereas different networks charge them differently.
  • It calculates calls by the second but some networks bill international calls by the minute so the cost of those calls may be rounded up.

Calculator Assumptions

  • It assumes you make the same amount of peak and off-peak calls.
  • It assumes 32% of your calls are to landlines, the rest to other mobiles.
  • It assumes mobile calls are made to each network in proportion to their relative customer base.
  • It assumes calls made have a varying length, with an average length that increases as the amount of minutes used per month increases. For example, the average call length is about 2.5 minutes for 500 minutes per month.
  • It assumes, when you roam, half of calls are made to the country you’re in, the other half back to the UK.
  • When you pick a region for international or roaming, it picks 5 popular countries in that region, and spreads the usage evenly among them. It takes care to pick countries that represent the costs of the region fairly so you won’t get surprised.
  • For roaming usage, it multiplies (the number of trips specified) times (the minutes and texts per trip) to determine an annual usage level, with usage spread evenly through the year.
  • Roaming services might not be available in all countries for all operators.
  • It calculates calls by the second but some networks bill international calls by the minute so the cost of those calls may be rounded up.
  • For daily bundles activated by your usage (e.g. roaming voice call) it assumes that the bundle is activated four times per month.

Other Important Information

  • Legacy tariffs are not included in our recommendations
  • Tariffs exclusively for existing customers are not included in our recommendations
  • Pay as you go (PAYG) tariffs are not included in our recommendations
  • Some promotional extras may not be shown on our website
  • All prices shown are inclusive of VAT
  • If you choose to pay via a method orther than direct debit, additional charges may apply
  • If you would like itemised or paper billing, additional charges may apply
  • "Unlimited" usage allowances often come with a standard fair usage - you should check with your operator if you're concerned.
  • The prices we quote are internet-only and might be different if you go to a shop or call. Also you might be charged a delivery cost for a new phone which isn’t included in our calculations.
  • Your supplier may increase the price of you contract during your contract period, but if this increase is exessive then you should be able to leave without penalty. The Ofcom website has information on how to complain about your provider, and also contains information on the complaints handling of each provider.
  • Our tariffs were last updated on 23rd June 2021.

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