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"For accurate results billmonitor finds the best tariff by accessing your online bills. Provide it with log-in details of your online account and it calculates average usage over 3-6 months to find the best contract."

18th April, 2011
billmonitor's bill analysis tool was used to help the people of Bristol save £1,000 in an hour on their mobile phone bills. Watch how it was done and the customer reactions.

11th April, 2011
Billmonitor featured in The Times. Read the full article by following the link below.

30th March, 2013
In a report released last year billmonitor found that half of the smartphone users on its database were using less than 154MB per month

11th April, 2011
Rory Cellan-Jones recently had the following to say about billmonitor on his BBC blog dot.Rory:

Any idea whether you're getting a good deal from your mobile phone contract? No, me neither - but according to a group of Oxford mathematicians behind a start-up firm called Billmonitor, we are collectively wasting nearly £5bn a year by being on the wrong deal.

11th April, 2011
Three-quarters of mobile phone subscribers are wasting an average of nearly £200 a year because they are on the wrong contract, research suggests. Mathematical group [and Oxford-based business] Billmonitor analysed more than 28,000 bills for the study.

"BillMonitor has become the first mobile phone comparison site to be accredited by the communications regulator Ofcom."

"Check Ofcom approved sites like billmonitor.com, which do a great job of telling you about the sort of deals you should be looking for."

"billmonitor was reviewed on BBC Working Lunch (Gillian Lacey-Solymar)"

11th April, 2011
A series of vox pop interviews with members of the UK public, inspired by our national billmonitor mobile report.

"[billmonitor says] three-quarters of mobile subscribers pay for more minutes than they need because of fears over big and unpredictable bills. Newsbeat caught up with some listeners to find out their views on mobile phone bills.

Shauna O'Neill, 21: "My contract is £35 a month. I get 1200 minutes - there's no way I ever use any of them. I think I probably use about 200 minutes a month, but I'm not allowed to change my tariff."

11th April, 2011
Billmonitor featured in The Times. Read the full article by following the link below.

11th April, 2011
"Only 24% of people are "not wasting anything", according to Billmonitor, set up by mathematicians in Oxford, which compiled the figures after analysing nearly 28,500 anonymous mobile phone bills. The overspend figure [for the remaining 76%] equates to almost half their spending every year on their mobile phone, or an average of £195, compared with an average spend of £439 annually."

"Ofcom today said BillMonitor was awarded its price accreditation scheme logo after meeting the terms of a rigorous independent audit, which checks whether information given to consumers is accessible, accurate, transparent, comprehensive and up to date…. Consumers supply details of their bills and the website analyses them for a tailored recommendation."

"Fortunately, last week's launch of billmonitor.com will [tell you whether you have the best tariff for you]. It is the first site endorsed by Ofcom, and claims 82% of us are on plans with inclusive minutes we don't use, and that 88% of us could save 39% on our bills - worth £197 a year. This comes with operators under scrutiny over how they have been milking consumers through roaming and termination charges. But that may now be starting to change."

12th April, 2011
Billmonitor featured in The times

11th April, 2010
Billmonitor featured as the tool to save money on the mobile bills.

11th April, 2011
“Millions of mobile phone users are paying almost £200 a year too much for ‘locked in’ packages of calls, texts and downloads, a study shows. They are being fooled into forking out extra because they cannot find the best option among a bewildering array of about 10million handset and service combinations. In total, subscribers are wasting money by being on the wrong contract, a study by Billmonitor, an Ofcom approved bill-analysis service, discovered.”

"Its computers, developed by a team from the University of Oxford, are able to search through more than 10 million possible tariff and handset combinations. The website's research shows that the vast majority of people on a contract has a package of calls and other services that is too large for their typical monthly use. As a result they are paying for services they never use."

11th April, 2011
Three in four people are wasting an average of £200 a year by being on the wrong mobile phone deal, according to Billmonitor. This Oxford-based research group analysed more than 28,000 phone bills and concluded we are wasting more than £5bn a year.

11th April, 2010
"Prof Chris Holmes and Dr Nicolai Meinshausen, both from Oxford [and co-founders of billmonitor], analysed over 28,000 bills from customers on the major mobile networks. They then compared those to the more than 8.5 million mobile phone contract combinations that are currently on offer. Prof Holmes, who also works on the link between genetics and diseases, said that analysing the data was as challenging as his other research."

"BillMonitor continuously tracks the market, keeping up to date on the thousands of tariffs from UK mobile operators. This information is matched with each customer's usage so that the site can recommend the best deal available to them. There are also tips on using mobile phones abroad."

"The site will run through every call, text and byte of data on your bill, working out the cost on each tariff. By taking into account details such as free minutes, off-peak calling and charge limits, it can then show you the 12 tariffs that could save you the most money."

10th April, 2011
“More than three quarters of all U.K. mobile phone users on a contract are on the wrong one, over paying by an average of nearly £200 a year, according to a report published today by the mobile phone site Billmonitor…

The company, backed by research from two Oxford maths dons, calculates that more than half of all users have a tariff that is far too large for them. One quarter of users have a tariff too small.”

11th April, 2011
"The research by price comparison website billmonitor, found that 40 per cent of mobile subscribers opted for a calling allowance that was too large, typically using only about a quarter of the calling time that was paid for. The group could save a cumulative £2.62bn, by switching to cheaper contracts, said billmonitor, which is endorsed by telecoms regulator Ofcom."

"[billmonitor] offers consumers a robust, independent means of comparing the huge number of tariffs and deals in the mobile market."

"A new way to work out what's best has been launched by scientists at Oxford University funded with government cash… its monthly bill-tracking facility allows users with online billing to give the site to access their past bills and recommend a better plan."

11th April, 2011
Interestingly, Billmonitor's research revealed that the most cost effective contract length is 24 months, as opposed to 12 or 18. However, some customers may wish to pay more for a shorter contract length as they may want to avoid being locked into a contract for two years.

Visitors to the site input their mobile phone number, online username and password for the account they hold with their operator. The site then extracts three months’ worth of phone bills to analyse and compare them to other tariffs and offers on the market.

11th April, 2011
UK mobile phone users waste billions of pounds a year because they are on the wrong contracts, according to a report today. The study, conducted by Ofcom-approved bill analysis service Billmonitor, estimates we spend an average of £195 more each than we need to every year.

4th July, 2011
"There are enough mobile phone price comparison sites out there that someone should launch a price comparison comparison site. Except that they don't need to, because Bill Monitor is simply the best. "

11th May, 2011
“The European Union has made it illegal for any mobile-phone operator to offer contracts that are longer than 24 months. The rule, brought into force on 1 May this year, will have little effect on Brits, though, because only one UK network has recently offered a 36-month contract, according to the founder and director of BillMonitor, Dr Stelios Koundouros.

11th April, 2011
“billmonitor makes a startling comparison: the Olympic Games in 2012 are likely to cost the UK around £9bn, yet we're merrily dribbling away £4.9bn a year needlessly on our mobile tariffs. The survey might seem somewhat self-serving, given that billmonitor runs an online service designed to help people choose the right tariff. We've covered the company before though -- it knows its shizzle when it comes to tariff-crunching, and this data is based on proper analysis of real bills.

"Even if you're not thinking of switching, BillMonitor is great for dissecting your mobile usage in a way that's much clearer than most networks' bills."

11th April, 2011
Billmonitor got its statistics from analysis of 28,417 anonymised phone bills. Interestingly, the research showed that people in the UK spend around £1.36bn each year on roaming calls, texts and data usage £443m on data roaming alone.

"I was impressed with the accuracy and clarity, as well as the number of tariffs that show in results. It gives you a lot of information about how the costs break down in a way that is reassuring and easy to take in."

"BillMonitor helps you find the best mobile deal. It does this by doing two things. First, it works out how much you actually use your phone – and what you use it for most (whether it's calling, texting, data transfer or making international calls). It then takes this data and applies it to the thousands of phone tariffs that are on the market, and works out what the best deal for you would be."

"BillMonitor plans to cut your mobile bill"

11th April, 2011
"Wasting £195 each is a lot of money when considering our average spend is £439 per year. The problem is how to get people onto the right contracts - not easy considering there are 8.5 million mobile tariffs to choose from. The study [by billmonitor] took the tariffs and the cost of the handset, comparing this to the actual cost of people's usage to find the gap."

11th April, 2011
"Billmonitor claims the figures from its National Mobile Report are pretty accurate because they were obtained from real (anonymised) customer bills, almost 30,000 of them. So what does BM define as wasted money from being on the “wrong” tariff. Basically, the right tariff is the deal a customer should be on to comfortably cover their actual usage of minutes, text and data."

11th April, 2011
"Mobile phone operators are raking in an extra £5 billion a year from customers who are on the wrong contract. Research from Billmonitor has revealed that many people over-estimate their phone usage and sign up for packages with more minutes, texts and data allowance than they need."

11th April, 2011
"Billmonitor points out that of the £3.47bn spent outside allowances, half is accounted for by the top 5 per cent of customers. That means some people are throwing away a huge amount on money, having already purchased a contract. It is probably worth checking out billmonitor if you are thinking of changing tariff and don’t want to get ripped off, as they run an online service designed to help people choose the right one for you."

"The best [comparison site for mobile deals] I've come across is BillMonitor.com (the only one to have an Ofcom approved calculator). It takes a look at your average monthly bill and works out if there’s a more suitable deal elsewhere, or you can simply enter your average usage in terms of minutes and texts to compare the cheapest tariffs."

"BillMonitor will automatically analyse your bill based on actual recorded usage and come up with suggestions. This is rather clever since most of us have no clue what we go really through in an average month."

Save £ be :) with billmonitor

Founded by mathematicians in oxford, billmonitor is an independent and impartial service that helps mobile phone users save money with its unique bill analysis and mobile price comparison calculator approved by Ofcom since 2009

Featured on the MoneySavingExpert, The Gadget Show, BBC2 and The Independent as well as highlighted by Consumer Focus, billmonitor has been heralded as a much-needed service for mobile phone consumers