Billmonitor recommended me a deal that was more than what I’m paying now – how can that be the right contract for me?

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Billmonitor finds the best available new contract that suits your usage and preferences. There are a few situations when this might be more expensive than your current contract:

  • You have managed to find a great deal that Billmonitor cannot beat – congratulations!

  • You asked for a new handset. New handsets, especially smartphones, will increase the cost of the contract – either by increasing your upfront costs or increasing each of your monthly payments. Billmonitor assumes that as you specified this handset in your preferences you are willing to pay these increased costs. If you already have a handset, perhaps a SIM-only contract will suit you better or alternatively, you can specify “any handset”, which defaults to the cheapest available handsets.

  • You have filtered out options in your preferences such as network or contract length that would offer you a better deal.

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