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Privacy and Security Policy

Are you a business or consumer?

At Billmonitor for business, our most important asset is our relationship with you.

Billmonitor for business is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of any private or personal information about our users. We are proud of our privacy practices and the strength of our site security and want you to know how we protect your information and use it to provide to you the service on (the “Service”, “Billmonitor for business”, the “Web Site” or “Site”). Billmonitor for business is operated by Optimor Limited (referred to as “Optimor”, “us” or “we”), a company registered in England (registration number 5391490).

What Information Does Billmonitor for business Gather?

This privacy policy explains how we collect and use your or your employees' information gathered at Billmonitor for business in order to conduct our business, inform you about recommendations, and provide customer service.

What we gather: To get the most accurate recommendation, we need your business name your contact information and mobile operator, mobile billing username, mobile billing password and call data for the users of business mobiles. If we have a question about this information, we may contact you by email or by phone. For example, we may email you if we have a problem accessing an account to retrieve calling data. Who we share it with: We do not and will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone without your express consent, for any reason, at any time.

Contacting Billmonitor for business Customer Service: If you contact our customer service, we may use your name, e-mail address, phone number and recommendation history to answer your question as quickly as possible. On occasion, we may contact you later to verify information or to check on the quality of your Customer Service contact.

Legal requests: We may release your account or other information if we’re advised that release is necessary to comply with the law, or to protect the rights, property and safety of our company, its affiliates, you or others.

How Secure is Your Information?

Protecting your information: We use a combination of firewall barriers, encryption techniques and authentication procedures, among others, to maintain the security of your online session and to protect Billmonitor for business accounts and systems from unauthorized access.

If you create an account, Billmonitor for business requires a password from you for your privacy and security. The connection between our site and your browser is encrypted and authenticated using a strong industry-standard protocol (TLS 1.2) with strong key exchange (ECDHE RSA with P-256), and a strong cipher (AES 128 GCM) to protect data transmissions including all your personal information.

Look for the padlock! You will know you’re in the “secure” area of our site when you see the “http” portion of the website address in your browser change to “https.” The “s” stands for “secure.” In addition, many web browsers use special symbols to indicate that you’re in a web site’s secure area, commonly a closed padlock. Some browsers let you know that you’re moving in or out of a secure area by notifying you with a special pop-up window that requires you to click “ok” before continuing.

Protecting your account password: We also attempt to limit unauthorized access to your account. If you forget your password, you can create a new one.

All Mobile Billing Passwords are stored securely using RSA Encryption with a 1024-bit key.

Who Sees Your Information?

Access to your Account and employee call data is strictly restricted to Optimor employees and contractors, as needed, in order to operate, develop or improve the Service. These individuals are bound by confidentiality obligations. They may be subject to discipline, including termination and criminal prosecution, if they fail to meet these obligations.

Your Account

Registering: Certain areas and features of Billmonitor for business are available without registration or the need to provide to us any information. However, to take advantage of key features like Bill Analysis you will need to register with Billmonitor for business and create an account.

Option to unsubscribe: You can unsubscribe from the Service anytime by sending an email to informing us of your wish to unsubscribe from the Service.

Option to delete your information: Your data is yours. You can remove it any time you want by sending an email to informing us of your wish to delete your data from the Service. Your data will then be permanently expunged from our primary production servers. However, portions of your data may remain on our production servers indefinitely. Your data may also remain on a backup server or media. Optimor keeps these backups to ensure our continued ability to provide the Service to you in the event of malfunction or damage to our primary production servers.

How Does Billmonitor for business Recognize You?

We automatically recognize your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your operating system, and your IP address. We sometimes use this information to solve problems with our server. We use URL encoding and Javascript tags to monitor your activity on our site. We may use this information to determine the most popular Tariff Plans and pages on our site and to enhance our marketing efforts and activities. This helps us make changes to improve your experience on this web site.

If you enter this site from one of our affiliate sites or using an invitation, you may notice a special code at the end of our Web address as you move through our site. That tells us which a affiliate site you entered through or how you were invited.

Does Billmonitor for business Use Cookies?

Yes. A “cookie” is a special identifier. Web sites transfer cookies to your hard drive through your web browser. Cookies help us identify you when you visit one of our sites. If you have an invitation from us or an affiliate site, this information may be stored in your cookie. We don’t store your password or any personal information in your cookie. If you want to prevent your browser from accepting cookies, set your browser options to let you know when you receive a new cookie, or turn off your cookies completely. You can find out how by reading the “help” portion of your toolbar on most web browsers. Remember, however, that if you turn off the cookies feature, you will not be able to take advantage of all the special features we offer.

What Happens If Optimor or Billmonitor for business Is Acquired?

Your data may be transferred upon acquisition of Optimor or Billmonitor for business but only in accordance with this policy. Your Account Information may be transferred to a third party as a result of a sale, acquisition, merger, reorganization or other transfer (a “Transfer”) involving Optimor or Billmonitor for business. Optimor specifically reserves the right to transfer Account Information to a third party in connection with a Transfer. Should such a Transfer occur, we will use our best efforts to require that the new combined entity follow this privacy and security policy with respect to your personal information, as and to the extent required by applicable law and require that you receive prior notice if your information could be used contrary to this policy.

Business customers and their staff

We will treat business customers fairly and appropriately within the privacy policy for individual users of Billmonitor. Any of the staff of a business customer or any other individuals whose business mobile data is part of the business's data will be deemed to be providers of data of individual users of Billmonitor.

Any data which relates to a business customer but not as such to any individual will be:

  1. kept confidential,
  2. only stored in accordance with best practice for storage of data,
  3. used subject to your express consent, and
  4. never used in an inappropriate way.

If you are a business customer we may communicate with you by telephone to obtain your details, and we may provide an advisory service over the telephone and by email using Optimor technology to analyse the bills associated with your business mobile phone contract and make recommendations to you about savings regarding your mobile phone contract. When you instruct us to analyse data, you authorise both the analysis of account information from network providers earlier than your authorisation, and analysis of later account information after authorisation. This allows us to gather the necessary data to optimise the analysis we provide to all our business and consumer customers

Modifications to Privacy Policy: We may make modifications to this Privacy Policy from time to time. Please check this web site for periodic updates. Each version of this Policy will be identified at the top of this page by its effective date.

Acceptance of Terms by Customer: Please note that accessing this web site or otherwise providing any information to us constitutes your acceptance of the terms set forth in our Privacy Policy and all other Terms of Use.

Governing Law: Any disputes arising under this Agreement will be resolved in accordance with the “Terms and Conditions”

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