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Billmonitor believes in doing business with a purpose – helping organisations achieve sustainable prosperity by reducing costs and saving money that can be better spent on training employees or investing in R&D.

Introducing Billmonitor's

  • Truly impartial and independent advice.

    Billmonitor is celebrating its 10th year of Ofcom- accreditation and is endorsed by MoneySuperMarket and The Martin Lewis Money Show.

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    Cutting edge software to uncover hidden inefficiencies.

    Our software analyses a client’s actual usage and benchmarks it against more than a million tariff and bundle combinations to find cost-saving solutions.

  • Highly qualified and dedicated team.

    The Billmonitor team combines hands-on telecom experts with PhD-level mathematicians, software engineers and qualified chartered accountants to deliver a superior service.

  • Risk free approach.

    Billmonitor’s interest is fully aligned with its clients as fees are a percentage of savings, meaning Billmonitor only makes money when the client saves money.

The telecoms industry and public sector services

  • The UK mobile phone market has over 83-million mobile subscriptions and is worth nearly £18-billion in revenues – it’s a huge industry dominated by a few key players.
  • While all major mobile networks do offer a great variety of tariffs and bundles, including dedicated public sector tariffs like the Crown Commercial Service’s NS 3 framework, we have consistently identified more bespoke packages that minimise bills further.
  • The public sector’s strict procurement protocols, designed to avoid expensive errors, are often like straitjackets when dealing with the dynamic and aggressive telecoms sector practices. This results in hidden inefficiencies with organisations paying far more than necessary.
  • Ofcom has recently launched several regulatory initiatives but its mandate is limited to consumers and SMEs, leaving public sector organisations exposed to an inefficient market.

Billmonitor actively engages with regulators and industry bodies

Driving the changes

Billmonitor is actively promoting the creation of a more transparent and competitive mobile phone market by engaging with Ofcom and other regulatory bodies and charities, including the CMA and Citizens Advice.

Working with industry

We work closely with respected industry groups to ensure Billmonitor leads conversations on fair access to mobile networks for business. We sit on the CBI SME Council, are a member of the London Chamber of Industry and Commerce and have worked alongside the Government on their MiData project that explores how industry can hand people back control of their data.


Billmonitor is an approved supplier of the public sector procurement and framework specialist Bloom, the UK’s exclusive operator of the NEPRO professional services solution.

Smart savings

Savings for all types of organisations can be used to reinvest in growth strategies, including improving staff numbers and employee training and welfare, boosting the UK’s productivity and thus helping the wider community.

We partner with organisations to ensure they get fair access and the support needed to thrive – in the UK and internationally.

How we work with our partners

One-off Contract Renewal

Hands-on renewal advice and support, managing the process from tendering to implementation, focused on cost reduction.

Monthly Bill Monitoring

Ongoing observation and reporting services for a fixed fee per connection.

The service is designed to reduce resource requirements as Billmonitor provides the software and manpower to manage the process in three simple steps:

  1. Access

    You provide access to your mobile phone provider's online billing platform and a copy of the last contract renewal.

  2. Recommendation

    We crunch your historical bills and provide you with a free, no obligation summary of your savings potential, together with a proposal of our services and fees.

  3. Decision

    If you appoint Billmonitor as your advisor, we work with you to secure the best deal with the networks, whether you are in or out of contract.

Billmonitor’s remuneration is success-driven as we charge 30% of achieved savings. We are fully transparent about our fees and explain the fee calculation as part of our proposal, allowing our clients to make a more informed decision about the net benefits of our services.

Chart showing alignment of interests

Give it a try

Simply sync your online phone account with Billmonitor – it’s easy and only takes a few seconds.

Our evidence-based engine will then crunch your bill and discover the best plan for your organisation (average savings of c.50%).

Once that’s completed we’ll email to arrange a free, no obligation consultation to talk you through the findings.

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