How it works

A 5 step process

  1. We crunch your bill, comparing your usage against 1.2 million tariff and bundle combinations.

    After you sync your online mobile phone account with our software, our analysis engine automatically crunches your bill data to discover how you actually use your phones and tablets (and don’t worry, it keeps your sensitive information very safe – read more about security).

    This reveals which contract features (data, minutes, international roaming etc.) you under and overuse - in short, exactly where you’re being overcharged.

    Our software then searches all available tariffs and bundles from the three big networks, tracking down the very best tariff and bundle combination to match your company’s actual usage and maximise savings.

  2. We provide you with a free, no obligation summary of our findings, including your savings potential.

    One of our advisors will then contact you to talk you through the initial findings and recommendations. They’ll explain exactly where you’ve been overcharged and will suggest some initial strategies to start saving money. They’ll also discuss your specific handset, network, and procurement preferences - if you wish to use an independent mobile phone agent they’ll recommend one that you can trust.

    We’ll both come away from this meeting with a much more complete picture of exactly what you need.

  3. We work with you to secure the best deal with the networks, whether you are in or out of contract.

    This is the part we enjoy the most, since it’s where we get to put our expertise to work. Negotiation is a critical part of structuring a business contract and securing the best value for our customers. There are several ways to negotiate a good contract, it all depends on what is most important for you and discovering how far each network is willing to go to win your business.

    A contract isn’t right for us unless it’s exactly right for you.

  4. We charge you 30% of money saved (no savings, no fee).

    Unlike traditional mobile phone agents, who charge based on commission (where there’s an inherent conflict of interest), we charge you a percentage of your savings. This means that, unless you save money thanks to us, you pay us absolutely nothing. This fee model is the best way of ensuring our interests are absolutely aligned with those of our clients.

    Go to about us for more info on how our business model differs from network sales reps and mobile phone agents and why ours is best for you.

  5. We offer you additional, optional bill monitoring services.

    In addition to our one-time advisory service, we also offer ongoing bill monitoring. Our ongoing monitoring services make sure you get the very most out of your contract throughout its duration. Often your contract should be tweaked periodically for improvements keeping your mobile bills as low as possible.

    This service is charged as a one-off set-up fee and a monthly service fee then onwards.

    Most businesses who use our monitoring services come to it after receiving an initial bill analysis, but it is also available as a stand-alone service.

Give it a try

Simply sync your online phone account with Billmonitor – it’s easy and only takes a few seconds.

Our evidence-based engine will then crunch your bill and discover the best plan for your business (46% savings average).

Once that’s completed we’ll email to arrange a free, no obligation consultation to talk you through the findings.

Three Mathematicians

Billmonitor was launched in 2009 by three mathematicians in Oxford.

Using advanced maths to turn the complexity of bills and tariffs into simple, actionable intelligence, it allows users to make informed decisions and save money in a market where the networks do their best to keep things murky.

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